About Me

The billable hours, awful clients and endless nights and weekends at the office. It’s for the birds. In-house isn’t much better, with constant team meetings, lazy coworkers and everyone jockeying for position.

So I saved and invested and reached FIRE by 37.

What I Did

Not everything went according to plan. I lost nearly all of my money in 2009 and didn’t get back to investing until 2012. I have a ton of “what ifs”. I didn’t buy my apartment in NYC 10 years ago. I didn’t buy Amazon stock in 2009. I didn’t hodl Bitcoin.

But still I managed to reach financial independence in 11 years mainly by:

  • Living below my means
  • Never budgeting
  • Getting an expat package for a few years
  • Using my experience as a lawyer (and general common sense) to invest intelligently

My Experience

I graduated from a top-10 law school and worked at a top-10 ranked law firm for 7 years.  Then I moved in-house, where I stayed for 4 years.

I am passionate about investing and searching the world for the best compounders.  And I have used my experience as a lawyer to identify special situation investments that have allowed me to reach my goals much faster than if I had relied only on savings.  I seek areas of the market that big institutions and hedge funds can’t participate in for various reasons.  I hope to share some of these ideas on this blog.

In the last 11 years we have saved close to $2 million. Through investing gains we have almost tripled this into a nearly $6 million asset base that is yielding $106,000 in annual dividends.  That was close enough to cover our expenses with some cash reserves.  So I retired.

Our expenses are high.  We have young kids and haven’t paid off our house.  Plus I have no handyman skills.  If it were up to me, we’d still eat ramen every night and I’d make my wife bring home rolls of toilet paper from the office.  Unfortunately my wife says she’s a grown woman now and she’s not having that.  So our focus, and the focus of this blog, is on aggressive saving and investing to reach $100,000+ in passive income.

I don’t have all the answers.  But hopefully I can provide some ideas.


I live in the continental United States with my wife and kids.